Heineken® takes taste to the next level with edible music

Heineken® takes taste to the next level with edible music

Neural Sense and Nicolaas van Reenen


Two days ago, December 9th, visitors to the pop-up Heineken® Next Level Bar in Braamfontein got to #OpenNextLevel with a totally unique sensory experience dubbed Edible Music.


By combining a gastronomical chef, brilliant creative minds, Heineken® and a bit of fancy science, a way was found for people’s response to food stimulus to be translated into music. Cool, right?


It all started when Heineken® invited music producer Nicolaas van Reenen and chef Jade de Waal to embark on a next level sensory experiment. The aim: to convert flavours into measurable brain waves and translate these into sound waves to create music. To achieve this, Jade cooked up three taste profiles, with Heineken® as the fourth. Wearing an EEG (Electroencephalography) device, which measures the electrical activity on the surface of the scalp, Nicolaas was exposed to the various tastes and Neural Sense measured his emotional and cognitive response. Using the neurofeedback and biometric data from this session, Nicolaas then transformed the taste experience into a next level audio experience – turning brain waves and heart-rate waves into sound waves.


The experiment and outcome were so cool that Heineken® couldn’t give up the opportunity to let consumers go through the same process and have their unique sound waves added to the “neuro-soundscape” originally created by Nicolaas, which played as the soundtrack in the bar.


“The innovative bar, designed to emulate the sleek new 330ml Heineken® Cool Can, was developed as an intimate space for creatives to meet, collaborate and share experiences such as this. More next level experiences, activations and exhibits are planned over the next couple of days, until the bar closes onSaturday 12th December,” says Tjeerd Veldhuis (Marketing Manager, Heineken® South Africa).


The Heineken® Next Level Bar is now open and free to the public at Smit Service Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg (GPS co-ordinates: -26.194651, 28.034776) until the 12th of December 2015 from 2pm till midnight, Tuesday to Saturday. For full details and programme, follow Heineken on Twitter (@Heineken_SA) and/or Instagram (@Heineken_SA). Heineken® Open Your World


HEINEKEN® Not for Sale to Persons under the Age of 18.  Enjoy Responsibly.

Heineken® Next Level Bar 2

Heineken® launches The Next Level Bar a one-of-a kind creative hub in Joburg

Heineken® launches The Next Level Bar a one-of-a kind creative hub in Joburg



In celebration of  the recently launched first-to-beer sleek 330ml  Cool Can,  Heineken® has created The Next Level Bar, a pop up bar, situated in the cultural heart of Joburg.


When it comes to innovation, design, music, art and fashion, Heineken® takes things to the next level. The Next Level Bar is no exception as it offers a cool and intimate space for creatives to meet and collaborate, enjoy totally unique experiences, and an opportunity for local exhibitors to showcase their work to the world.


Each day and evening will feature an individual or crew’s next level exhibition, performance or experience, and calls for collaboration between creative. The Next Level Bar offers everything that is needed, including facilities such as free Wi-Fi and, of course, a cold new Heineken® 330 ml Cool Can on hand.


With experiences such as edible music, next level gaming as well as exhibits and workshops from some of South Africa’s premier innovators, it’s not to be missed.


Heineken® has partnered with some of SA’s top designers to create this one-of-a-kind space, which will feature custom-made furnishings and finishes from WIID Design, JOE Paine, DOKTER & MISSES, Leg Studios and Atang Tshikane.


“Heineken® prides itself on being at the forefront of innovation and design by always taking things to the next level. The Next Level Bar is the perfect expression of our new sleek 330ml Cool Can – a slimmer, more stylish and premium design, with a cold indicator,” says Tjeerd Veldhuis (Marketing Manager, Heineken® South Africa).


The Next Level Bar will run from the 2nd December until the12th of December 2015. Open from 2pm till midnight, Tuesday to Saturday, The Next Level Bar will be located on Smit Service Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg. Join us at the coolest bar in Jozi for a next level experience and an ice cold Heineken.


Entry free but space is limited.


For full details and programme, follow Heineken on Twitter (@Heineken_SA) and/or Instagram (@Heineken_SA).Heineken® Open Your World

New Restaurant Alert: Turn ‘n Tender Dainfern

New Restaurant Alert: Turn ‘n Tender Dainfern








tender_8388 copy

Take four brothers with a love for great steak, add a side order of warmth ‘n a peppering of friendship, ‘n you have the secret recipe to why Turn ‘n Tender is the best steakhouse in town. Nearly four decades on, Turn ‘n Tender is still the place where friends ‘n families gather to soak up the friendly atmosphere ‘n savour the succulent dishes that made them famous. The tradition continues across their restaurants ‘n you’re invited to unwind, enjoy a sizzling steak ‘n fine wine, warm hospitality ‘n great value.

A few days ago I had the privilege of dining at the new Turn ‘n Tender restaurant in Dainfern with friends and family. Impressive menu, good vibes, yummy everything and excellent service. Go check it out, you’ll love it!




soft_8420 copy soft_8433 soft_8453 copy soft_8464 copytender_8388 copy soft_8470 copy soft_8483 copy soft_8485 copy soft_8486 copy  tender_8397 copy

Celebrate life with new Ltd edition J.C. Le Roux Chrysalis Collection

Celebrate life with new Ltd edition J.C. Le Roux Chrysalis Collection



Open up to new beginnings this summer with the limited edition J.C. Le Roux Chrysalis Collection and celebrate life in all its iridescence.


Inspired by exhilarating rebirth through metamorphosis, each individual J.C. Le Roux sparkling wine has been transformed with beautifully designed foils and ribbons adorned with butterflies, birds, enchanted forests and flowers to represent new life.


Just like a dull caterpillar emerging as a dazzling butterfly, the first blossoms of spring, seeds bursting with life or a beautiful bird hatching from an egg to take flight, summer is a time of change and renewal.


With a dash of gold and red for Le Domaine, soft blue and pink tones for La Fleurette, burgundy for blushing La Chanson and a splash of green for the Sauvignon Blanc, each motif in the Chrysalis Collection is a vibrant expression of the inherent character of your favourite J.C. Le Roux.


Boasting endless finesse and freshness, J.C. Le Roux Le Domaine comes alive on the palate. As a butterfly delights and uplifts, Le Domaine with its mouth-filling sweetness and clean finish will enliven any occasion.


Free as a bird, the delightful pink La Fleurette entices all the senses with sweet, fruity flavours with hints of strawberry, plum and tropical fruit. This exuberant bubbly perfectly balances freshness and sweetness with its playful palate of strawberry and sensual plum followed by the richness of Muscat.


Akin to the re-awakening of morning dew on a budding flower, J.C. Le Roux Sauvignon Blanc is a dry yet fruity sparkling wine with hints of tropical fruit, litchis, pineapples and granadilla. This refreshing bubbly shows a good balance and is light and clean on the palate.


Ruby red J.C. Le Roux La Chanson is a lively sparkling wine with the allure of an enchanted forest. Teeming with life, the delightful mélange of sweet, fruity strawberry and plum bursts forth from your flute.


The J.C. Le Roux Chrysalis Collection is a toast to new beginnings with a different exhilarating expression for every taste and occasion. Let J.C. Le Roux take you to the cusp of wonderful new beginnings with endless possibilities of things to come.
The limited edition Chrysalis Collection from J.C. Le Roux is available nationwide from November at around R59 per bottle.


Visit www.jcleroux.co.za, www.facebook.com/HouseofJCLeRoux, @HouseofJCLeRoux on Instagram or follow @JCLeRoux on Twitter

Say HELLO to summer with LINDT HELLO and Fix from 5fm

Say HELLO to summer with LINDT HELLO and Fix from 5fm

Fix from 5fm watching the new LINDT HELLO TV Commercial

LINDT HELLO recently said hello to summer with a pool party held at the 5 star Maslow Hotel in Johannesburg where the face of the LINDT HELLO brand, DJ Fix from 5fm, was announced.


Adele Ankiewicz, senior product manager at LINDT & Sprüngli South Africa says: “Fix truly embodies the values of LINDT HELLO. She is stylish, modern and quirky yet consistently presents herself with bold self-confidence. We are thrilled to be joining forces with her as she is a perfect match for our playful yet sophisticated range of delicious chocolates.


The new, locally produced television commercial starring Fix, was unveiled on the evening followed by the entertainment artist herself kicking off the party with sweet beats while guests were treated to Sorbet mini manicures, colourful cocktails and delicious treats throughout the evening.


The HELLO television commercial, shot on the colourful streets of Bo-Kaap in Cape Town with Table Mountain serving as an iconic South African backdrop, is a first of its kind for a number of reasons. It is the first LINDT television commercial to be shot and produced on South African soil, and also marks the start of an exciting chapter in the brand’s evolution. LINDT South Africa is also the first market globally to follow an approach of featuring a local personality in an ad.


“We were looking for a way to make our HELLO commercial resonate authentically with the LINDT HELLO audience in South Africa. We embarked on an extensive search to find the perfect HELLO fit – someone who says ‘hello’ to every opportunity in their life, and inspires others to do the same. The commercial perfectly captures this, and it has truly been an honour to provide South African icons like Table Mountain, historical Bo-Kaap and a promising young artist to this premium global brand.” adds Ankiewicz.


Also unveiled on the evening, is this season’s hottest new HELLO sensations, the LINDT HELLO EMOTIS. South Africa is one of the first countries to launch the five EMOTIS with cool sayings such as: ‘Just too funny!’ and ‘My heart goes boom!’ Thanks to the sticker feature at the back, one can easily attach the chocolate EMOTI to any surface, or add a sweet touch to gifts. Each LINDT HELLO EMOTI contains 30g of the finest Swiss Milk chocolate and are available at Spar, Pick ‘n Pay and clicks for the RSP of R14.95.


Fix from 5fm and Zakeeya Patel Fix from 5fm

Dam Gladulich, Regina Dos Sares (Stilettos & Cappuccinos blog), Leigh crymble (Le1ghLo blog), Tegan crymble Fix from 5fm (2) Fix from 5fm (3) Fix from 5fm (5) Fix from 5fm and Zakeeya Patel Fix from 5fm watching the new LINDT HELLO TV Commercial Fix from 5fm Jen Su & Danielle Franco LINDT HELLO TV Commercial Mathapelo Kasienyane, Zakeeya Patel, Adele Ankiewicz (Lindt & Sprungli) and Fix from 5fm Rob Forbes from 5fm, Michala Romanos & Nadia Romanos



Pongrácz toasts 25 years with cache of 1-carat black diamonds

Pongrácz toasts 25 years with cache of 1-carat black diamonds

Pongracz Brut with glasses LR


Pongrácz, South Africa’s leading Méthode Cap Classique is celebrating 25 years of bold pioneering prowess by affording bubbly lovers with the opportunity of acquiring their very own 1-carat black diamond.


Until 31 December, Pongrácz offers Cap Classique enthusiasts the chance to be rewarded with one of 25 1-carat black diamonds, each one symbolising a quarter century of refined craftsmanship.


To qualify, purchase any Pongrácz Cap Classique, including Brut, the elegant Rosé or the grande cuvée, Desiderius 2008 during the festive season and add your glass to the virtual champagne tower at www.pongracz.co.za/25. The last four digits of the barcode on your bottle is your passage to entry. Remember to retain your till slip as proof of purchase should your glass be adorned with a Pongrácz 1-carat black diamond. Be sure to share this information with your friends on Facebook.


Pongrácz, made in the classic French tradition, but proudly on South African soil, was launched in 1990 in honour of the bold, pioneering spirit and life’s work of viticulturist Desiderius Pongrácz.

Pongracz 25Yr Pongracz entryMechanic


For more information, visit www.pongracz.co.za, www.facebook.com/PongraczCapClassique or follow Pongrácz on Twitter at @Pongracz. The entire range is available for purchase at www.vinoteque.co.za.

Stay refreshed all summer with new Country Club retro-classics

Stay refreshed all summer with new Country Club retro-classics

Country Club - Range lr

Country Club, the new range of sparkling classics tailored to express your individuality, is the chic alcohol-free alternative for everyday refreshment, sundowners and cocktail hour this summer.


There is nothing run of the mill about new Country Club. Available in three retro-cool, time-honoured flavour combinations, Rock Shandy, Lime & Soda and Passion Fruit & Lemonade, Country Club is the perfect accessory. Classic in style and classic in taste, make Country Club your summer fashion statement.


Country Club Rock Shandy is a firm favourite with hints of lemon complemented by the spicy taste of ginger and bitters. If you are after crisp, tangy refreshment, Country Club Lime & Soda will hit the spot. Country Club Passion Fruit & Lemonade tastes like a tropical vacation for the ultimate escape and relaxation.


Whether lounging poolside, dining al fresco or taking in the sunset, Country Club is the ideal alcohol-free thirst quenching alternative you can enjoy all summer.


Country Club is available in vibrant 330ml slim cans at leading outlets country-wide selling at around R7.99.


Stay on trend by joining the Country Club in-crowd on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CountryClubClassicsand follow @Countryclub_CB on Twitter.

G.H MUMM No 1 Limited edition collection launched in the city of gold.

G.H MUMM No 1 Limited edition collection launched in the city of gold.


G.H.MUMM, the leading international champagne House in France and third worldwide, officially launched their much anticipated G.H Mumm N°1 Limited edition collection, a champagne created distinctively to celebrate.


What better way to celebrate the night, than at the hottest night club in Johannesburg, Taboo in Sandotn, on a fineFriday evening. Jozi A-listers Twins on Deck Okmalumkoolkat,Dj Fanatic, DJ PH are amongst some of the celebrities, who  arrived in style and glamour to join the brand as they celebrated the night in passion, adrenaline and energy till the early hours of the morning.


Designed with winners in mind and inspired by the rush of victory, N°1 brings to life the feeling of achieving goals in a tangible and prestigious manner, perfect for toasting and sharing, the collection is now available in South Africa in a range of obtrusively unique magnum bottles. This is the perfect champagne for sharing and toasting with friends while enjoying the club scene.


The glistening statuesque bottles of the N°1 Range contains a dry yet much sweeter taste designed to enjoy, with or without ice, all night long; and will present an exceptional variation of tasting notes. It’s an expressive champagne that enables your right to celebrate and dares you to take the spotlight.


“The N°1 Range will definitely serve as a favourite for the contemporary, and ambitious achievers. G.H MUMM No 1 bottles evoke the unparalleled emotion of victory. Tonight we toast to this exciting new collection as we continue to be the champagne house that pays tribute to the world’s greatest champions,” said Mandla Holomisa, Brand Manager of G.H.MUMM house of champagne


One of the distinctive features of the N°1 Range are the new foil with holographic lettering for G.H MUMM, as well as the golden laurel and N°1 symbols which represent a display a flair of excellence.


The range consists of a Black Bottle with notes of exotic fruits; a Gold Bottle with some notes of dried, light fruits buttered; and a Pink Bottle boasting fresh and slightly acid red berry notes.

 IMG_0095 IMG_0242

Fleur du Cap unveils two new wines and new winemaking team   

Fleur du Cap unveils two new wines and new winemaking team  



The Platteklip Wash House, an enchanting nature retreat in the heart of the Cape Town City Bowl provided the perfect setting to introduce wine enthusiasts to the new Fleur du Cap winemaking team and two brand new wines.


The newest additions to the top tier Fleur du Cap Unfiltered range, a Chenin Blanc and a Pinotage, were well received during this South African inspired lunch created by Chef Craig Cormack.


The introduction of the simple yet elegant new look Fleur du Cap wines and winemaking team under the leadership of Cellarmaster Wim Truter has certainly set the tone going forward.


For more information visit www.fleurducap.co.za, join the Fleur du Cap community on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @FleurduCapWines.

Andre Morgenthal & Fleur du Cap Cellarmaster Wim Truter lr Liezel Malherbe, Anel Grobler & Maryna Strachan (3) lr Tshepang Molisana, Melvyn Minnaar, Winnie Bowman & Mike Bamfield-Duggan (2) lr

South African Fitness Guru and Model – Brad Jay, announced as SodaStream South Africa’s new brand ambassador

South African Fitness Guru and Model – Brad Jay, announced as SodaStream South Africa’s new brand ambassador

Press release image


South African fitness guru, personal trainer, TV personality and model, Brad Jay has been signed as SodaStream South Africa’s new brand ambassador; and will undoubtedly play an active role during the next year in inspiring individuals when it comes to their health and the way they view their fitness and hydration.


As the founder of Brad Jay’s Elite Fitness, an exclusive personal fitness training emporium and gymnasium; Brad is extremely passionate about helping individuals find the motivation and inspiration to live a healthier lifestyle. “Being healthy is about commitment and determination, and much of it comes down to reaping the rewards of what you put in, whether it is active training time, or what you consume. What most people do not realise is the importance hydration plays in our daily health. I am honoured to be associated with SodaStream, a brand that I not only knew and loved growing up, but one that offers individuals with a healthier alternative with a way to make water more exciting,” he explains.


SodaStream South Africa’s Managing Director Hugh Wilson echoes the excitement surrounding the new association, “We are proud to be associated with Brad Jay, who is most certainly a great fit for the brand. Health and hydration is a major content pillar for us, and Brad gives us the opportunity to demonstrate this in a meaningful way, while creating engaging social media content for SodaStream South Africa fans and followers. In fact from the 15th of October we will be launching an 8 week #sodaselfie campaign, where Brad will be sharing exclusive training and hydration tips that will undoubtedly help get you ready for a hydrated summer.”


Fans can look forward to some extraordinary tips surrounding the SodaStream at-home hydration solution, which offers a wide-range of flavours and variants at different calorie levels. From the classic, regular flavours (which have 2/3 less sugar, carbs and calories than similar packaged sodas), to the Plus range (which has added vitamins and no artificial sweeteners), to the Sensations range (for those who love flavour combinations and don’t like to live on the plain side of life), as well as the Zero range (which is ideal for the more sugar and health conscious individual offering zero calories); there are certainly countless ways to allow you to make water more exciting by creating fresh plain or flavoured sparkling water, personalised to your taste in seconds.


To discover more follow:

SodaStream SA on: Brad Jay on:
Instagram: @SodastreamSA Instagram: @BradJays
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sodastreamsa  
Twitter: @SA_Sodastream  
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MINI Goes Virtual Reality

MINI Goes Virtual Reality

    Midrand. MINI has launched a global marketing campaign using individual virtual-reality technology. The premium automotive brand is showcasing two 360-degree short films, which allow viewers to roam freely in virtual space. MINI will therefore become one of the first brands to harness the huge potential of virtual-reality (VR) technology for top-quality storytelling. This move also underscores the brand’s positioning as an innovative company that explores new directions in communications.   The two six-minute short films “Real Memories” and “Backwater” are available on YouTube and the campaign website www.mini.com/360 in more than 20 countries worldwide.  The films are being promoted through YouTube pre-rolls and on various social-media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.   The films were shot in Barcelona using a custom stereo rig with nine RED Dragon cameras offering a combined resolution of 14k. A custom 7 GoPro camera rig was developed specially for scenes inside the car. The films can be viewed directly online in a browser or on any smartphone with an installed YouTube app. They will also be available shortly for Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift virtual-reality viewers.   For the global marketing campaign, MINI has started distributing more than 140,000 MINI Virtual Reality Cardboard Viewers for free worldwide (the viewer is based on the new version of Google Cardboard presented this summer). For the local campaign visit www.mini.co.za/360, this will enable you to register for a VR viewer via a preferred dealer.   In addition to the two VR films, the campaign website also features other exciting video content: two trailers, a making-of video and brief clips of the actors discovering... read more