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About Karabo Mokgoko

Karabo Mokgoko - South African Influencer

South Africa’s original influencer Karabo Mokgoko,
was born and bred in Pretoria and is a passionate, free-spirited, and phenomenal individual.  

Her love for interacting with people from all walks of life, and trying out things first is a core reason for her having signed up to X.com – never once being aware of the influence she would amass.

Karabo has a love for food, travel and the finest things life has to offer, which has driven her to getting passport stamps to explore over 28
different countries, with the hope that one day she’ll find herself at her dream destination – Antarctica.

Her free-spirited, welcoming personality has seen her amass an audience of over 2-million X followers, 20-thousand Instagram followers and a worldwide global reach and impact that has defined her as one of the country’s top bloggers, now turned influencer’s and trendsetter’s.

10+ years
100+ projects
70+ brand

Karabo, who is big on standing out for what is right, believes in influencing numbers to help businesses achieve their bottom line, while remaining true to her morals and values. Her free-spirited and honest nature has earned her experience working with some of the world and country’s biggest brands. Her genuine nature and inspiring presence on social media, makes it easier for her to get honest reviews and engagement from her audience, ideally forcing them out of their shells, away from their comfort zones and empowering her audience into doing something substantial. It is this key character trait that has helped her understand the power of the platform she has, and thus uses it responsibly when sharing trending information both locally and internationally.

With the 8 years experience that Karabo and her team have gained, they’re the best people to ensure that your topics make it to the top of trend lists, additionally earning you coverage in radio mentions of trends lists.

Looking to keep in touch with Karabo? Catch her on social media, she’s simply a tweet away.