Afrirent Car Rentals Launches Its Services In Nelspruit

The launch of Afrirent car rentals will play an important role in the car rental business sector at Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport in Nelspruit, where there has always been lack of transformation. Afrirent car rentals will be focusing more on providing affordable car rental services in multiple sectors like corporate, public and government.
The company is aiming to provide a hassle-free service in a comparatively professional manner which is always a big challenge for any new business but the organisation accepted this challenge, and with a disciplined structure of management, they have achieved so much so far and stands out from others.
Afrirent car rentals offers a variety of modern generation fleet that fulfill the needs of all types of customers and can be used for every occasion. With a fleet management and dealership network, customers are guaranteed to get new cars when they rent from us. Our cars will not exceed the 30 000-kilometer mark.
As far as the rentals of different vehicles are concerned, Afrirent car rentals offer cost effective and economical solutions for people or companies that are looking for affordable cars. Upmarket cars are also on offer.
Customers will not only have a commute but can experience the pleasure of driving their dream cars without having to purchase them. The cars are a good pick even by local people who need a short-term transport facility. Tourists who like to venture around the country on their own can opt for these rentals and enjoy travelling around at their own pace. Bigger cars can be chosen for family touring.
“It is no mere rhetoric that we were finally delighted to hear that KMI airport heeded our calls and pleas to delve into the world of car rentals. I am confident that at Afrirent car rentals, our service offering will surpass each traveller’s expectation.” Says CEO of Afrirent Holdings Mr. Senzo Tsabedze.
The management at Afrirent Cars is keen to become the leading company in the car rental sector so that they can serve the public in all their capacities.
“There is sincerely nothing as interesting and gratifying as getting more than enough value for your money each time and this is exactly what Afrirent is bringing to the table. Without any shadow of a doubt, Afrirent Car rentals will continue to peruse opportunities at various destinations and I am sure that every day, we will be on a quest to continuously provide ease of service at minimal cost and spread along some other operations of concern.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to our loyal customers thus far. We saw our numbers strengthening beyond the half mark within a few months of operations. Thank you for your unwavering support!” concluded Tsabedze.
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