JOHANNESBURG –The 5th annual Cancervive Awareness Ride takes to the road from the 10th – 19th of September, with the main aim of getting communities across the country talking about cancer.
An entourage of more than 65 cancer survivors, supporters, media and emergency services will embark on a 2 300km route, stopping over in towns to educate its residents on how to detect cancer at an early stage, and how to gain access to appropriate treatment.
This survivor-driven project uses performing arts, music, poetry, dance and storytelling to convey personal messages of survival. There are many people in this country that know very little to nothing about cancer and when faced with survivors on stage relaying their stories, personal insights are given on how to identify or even prevent cancer.
The group aims to do more than just provide facts about the disease – they also actively encourage conversations around it. Vital information on the various ‘shy’ cancers (that of the breast, prostate, testicles, cervix, ovaries and colon) are shared and discussed, and the visited communities are left better equipped to identify warning signs and care for cancer patients in their midst.
Cancervive is a special awareness and educational project of People Living with Cancer (PLWC), an NPO founded by cancer survivors. The project is dedicated to informing people about early cancer detection, as well as offering support to people living with the disease.
Says Janie du Plessis, CEO of People Living With Cancer, “Being diagnosed with cancer has an enormous impact on your life. We aim to make people diagnosed feel that they are not alone, and let them know that many cancers have a very high survival rate if caught early enough. We also don’t leave them without support, but connect them to Cancer Buddies, a project that assists patients and their families through diagnosis and treatment.”
Over the past 4 years, the Ride entertained, engaged and educated more than 180 000 people across 8 provinces and in 7 languages through travels over a distance of 10 000km.
SPAR and Revlon return to the fray as headline sponsors of the ride, with Triumph, Caltex, Imperial Ford & Mazda, Meadow Feeds and Netcare 911 also contributing to the cause.
“SPAR is proud to once again be involved as sponsors of this vital cause. We feel it is of critical importance that more people are made aware of cancer and how to detect the early warning signs.” – Helen Barrett, SPAR Group Advertising & Promotions Manager
The No.1 Cosmetics Brand in South Africa, Revlon, supports the passion behind the Ride. “We are honoured to be involved in raising awareness around this cause and the ways and means of beating it. The sincere dedication of the Cancervive team perfectly reflects the core principles of our company” says Revlon Communications Director, Adele du Plessis.
We are delighted to once again be part of the 2015 journey. The dynamic Cancervive ride directly impacts on peoples’ lives. It is not only about talking, but also about doing. It is this action that we sincerely appreciate, and that is why we provide the motorcycles to make this possible. An added benefit is that someone like myself gets to spend a lot of time with a lot of inspiring people! Love it – we’ll sponsor this ride forever.” says Arnold Olivier, Brand Manager for Triumph Motorcycles South Africa
#Cancervive 2015 aims to encourage conversations about cancer, removing stigmas and creating support for those affected by it. Through answering questions, sharing and listening to stories of survival and conveying facts about the disease, the battle against it is halfway won.

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