CRAFT Parkhurst launches #OHShakes

This might actually be the food trend of 2015 they say and CRAFT Parkhurst now joins in the freakshake frenzie that took the world by storm.

There is the The Candy Carnival which is layered with creamy iced-cream, Strawberry Bubble-gum candy, love heart sweets, sherbet, candy floss, popping candy & pink caramel. All crammed into a decadent Creamy Shake.
Then there is the Chocolate Overload which is Thick creamy chocolate & white chocolate shake smothered in a hazelnut infused chocolate sauce, topped with Chocolate Ganache, whipped chocolate, roasted. Marshmallows & a silky smooth Belgium white chocolate sauce with sprinkles of even more chocolate.
Lastly there is a Salted Caramel Delight, Ultra-creamed, ultra-caramelized filled with Crème Brule, topped in a decadent slither of baked cheese cake, a salted caramel disk, sticky caramel filled chocolates and spooned caramel sauce.
Join the conversation on social media by using ‪#‎OhShakes‬ if you visit CRAFT Parkhurst.
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