Gwara Nama Outie with MiWay Insurance

In a time where we are all searching for transparency, honesty, integrity; especially from the services we buy; insurance is one such service and one of the most important services that can be bought. Thankfully MiWay Insurance has found a hilarious but relevant way of letting South Africans reap rewards while educating them about insurance that allows customers freedom without compromising quality service and coverage.
MiWay has launched their “Gwara Nama Outie” campaign , an ingenious way of telling South Africans to choose insurance their way  no hidden fees, no loop holes and no fine print.  ‘Gwara nama outie’ means ‘gwara with your friends’ and it involves friends going back and forth poking fun at one other, sending a message through the campaign that you shouldn’t be dissed by your insurance company, but simply have things done your way, the first time around.
The “Gwara Nama Outie” campaign has comedic sensation Mpho Popps, promoting its tag line “Don’t let your insurance gwara you, gwara  nama outie”. The “Gwara Nama Outie” campaign gives you the chance to win tickets to the country’s best stand-up comedy events, by simply visiting
How do you gwara?
– Choose the person you want to gwara
– Choose from a list of Gwaras
– View your Gwara and share it on Facebook or Twitter.
MiWay offers insurance freedom with benefits, like getting your average premium back after 3 months if you buy insurance online* or getting R1000 back on your car insurance claim if you lodge it via the brand’s app *. With MiWay, customers can get their rewards whether they claim or not, with a choice of affordable insurance with a hassle-free claims process and the option to fix car insurance premiums for up to 36 months. So go on, visit the site and gwara nama outie. Remember the hashtag to use on social media is #MiWaygwara
*Ts&Cs Apply

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