Heineken® Next Level Bar 1
Thursday 10 December
14H00 – 17H00:                  Bushveld Labs -. The tech wizards at Bushveld Labs, an engineering firm that specialises in radical, high tech and disruptive innovations, will showcase some of their existing innovations and experiments.
18H00 – 00H00:                  Chris Saunders screening + Q&A – SA music video party screening, including the screening the new cut of “Ghost Diamond” in conjunction with Hyperdub & OKZHARP, and screening of the OKZHARP – Dear Ribane Feat. Manthe Ribane music video (Hyperdub). The session is followed by a Q&A with Chris Saunders and Manthe Ribane.
Friday 11 December
14H00 – 17H00:                  Fashion Jam with Kajama Clothing – A fashion jam featuring two designers from Kajama Clothing collective. The two next level designers get together with fabric off cuts and sewing machines and jam together creating one-off garments influenced by the city, pieced together. Visitors can come in and buy these for one day only.
18H00 – 00H00:                  Competition Winner slot – details TBA
Saturday 12 December
14H00 – 17H00:                  Anastasia Pather, Twitter finger painting (she is an incredible artist and amazing to watch!!)
18H00 – 00H00:                  Lorenzo Nassimbeni 30 second portraiture – Live portraiture within 30 seconds using traditional materials, ink and paper.
Also, The Star got lost with the GPS co-ordinates yesterday. I think we should change the locations info to “Cnr Smit & De Beer, Braamfontein or search Heineken Next Level Bar using your navigation app.”

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