HTC’s Zoe comes home to its smartphones on 30 September 2015

HTC’s Zoe app has been updated to let you create and save your short highlight videos (or Zoes) locally on your HTC phone, rather than on the online Zoe community. The latest version of the app also allows you to create videos that are three minutes long, rather than just 30 seconds. You can insert as many clips as you like into a Zoe and trim them as necessary within the app.
HTC launched Zoe for the original HTC One and subsequently opened the app up to Android devices from other manufacturers. Zoe expanded into a social network and became a cloud service. Following customer feedback, HTC has decided to bring Zoe back home to its own devices.
The latest version of the app uses the phone’s on-board CPU and GPU to make Zoe videos locally on HTC devices, without needing to upload media clips to the cloud. This will improve the user experience by improving reliability and performance.
You will be able to easily share your locally made Zoe clips via existing social networks like Facebook, Instagram and more. This means an end to Zoe fans’ frustration caused by unreliable mobile network connections in the past months.
With Zoe moving toward local creation, Zoe’s cloud services will be shut down entirely on September 30, 2015. Up until then, community members can download their existing Zoes through the app and on After September 30, the only way to create and share a Zoe will be on a supported HTC device.

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