Jose Cuervo® Launches Premium Sipping Tequila in SA


Rare Small Batch Tradicional® Reposado from the Original World-Class Producer

South Africa, 28th January, 2016 –Jose Cuervo® has launched its rare small batch premium sipping tequila in South Africa.
Jose Cuervo® Tradicional® Reposado (meaning rested) is made from the highest quality 100% blue agave spirits, double-distilled and rested in white oak barrels, hand-crafted in small batches and follows an unaltered recipe since 1795.
Tradicional® is the original tequila produced 220 years ago by Jose Cuervo®, the world’s number one tequila. “Tradicional® is unlike any other tequila and due to the fermentation and distillery methods is produced specifically for sipping,” says Blue Masoka, Brand Manager for Jose Cuervo® at Edward Snell & Co. the local distributors for the brand.
“There is a growing trend in craft spirits and consumer need for authenticity coupled with the fact that Jose Cuervo® as a brand has a massive consumer following we believe a premium sipping tequila will be well received by South African tequila aficionados,” Masoka says.
South Africa is currently ranked the 4th largest tequila market in the world, behind Mexico, USA and Russia and has gained prominent land status in the eyes of spirit producers, according to data by Euromonitor International. According to insights from the latest IWSR report, globally the tequila market trends continue to grow in the premium-and-above sectors.
“Tradicional® Reposado is a pale straw-coloured 100% blue agave rested tequila, made from agaves harvested at the peak of their maturity (7-10 years), baked in stone clay ovens, carefully fermented and double-distilled in small artisanal stills and then rested in white oak barrels,” she explains. “Tradicional® is rested for no less than four months which mellows and refines the tequila, producing a combination of superb smoothness and great taste.”
Masoka says: “Tradicional® is still made the same as it was back in 1795 by Jose Cuervo himself, and it is the first documented tequila ever made, carefully fermented and double distilled it remains a proud symbol of the Cuervo® family tradition, demonstrating ‘history in a bottle’.”
“Tradicional® is made from an unaltered 220 year old recipe, resulting in the world’s finest tequila and in order to preserve the authenticity of Tradicional® each bottle (designed after the original tall, slim Cuervo® bottle) has a cork closure and carries its own unique number,” she adds.
Tradicional® unlocks original and refined characterful flavours resulting in a super-premium sipping tequila that is clean in taste and well balanced in finish, best served chilled in a snifter glass or sipped from a caballito shot glass with craft beer (signature serve).
“In Mexico it is customary to sip Tradicional® with sangrita or a cold beer and with the craft beer trend surging in South Africa and abroad it was a natural fit to develop a signature serve,” she adds. “This is in line with the trends and maintains the historical way in which Tradicional® is served. South Africans are unfamiliar with the notion of sipping tequila, so it is important for us to instill this concept and to maintain the tradition of Tradicional®.”
Jose Cuervo Tradicional® Flavour & Taste notes
Delivering a smooth, well-structured palate of fine spices and distinct oak notes unlike any other tequila.
Flavour notes: Delicate, tissue box perfume and exotic peppercorn and cooked agave aromas, with herbaceous hints of olive, fruit (banana) and a light wood overtone.
Tasting notes: Extremely well balanced and clean in taste, flavours of cooked agave, light smoked aftertaste, herbaceous, subtle citrus and slightly spicy. A round entry leading to an off dry light to medium bodied palate with light caramel, toasted spices, oak and agave.
It has a warm finish that lingers with a smooth, velvety, herbal notes and spicy length.
Serving Suggestion
This tequila is traditionally paired with a Sangrita or cold beer, served chilled and sipped in a caballito shot glass.
This 40% proof tequila consists of the Cuervo family’s oldest receipe and sells for R230 per bottle. It is available at all major bottle stores, distributed in South Africa by Edward Snell & Co.
For more information go to JoseCuervoSA or join the conversation on Twitter @JoseCuervoSA #TradicionalSA

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