Little Ways to Appreciate Women Every day

It’s Women’s Day and like everywhere else in the world, South Africa is celebrating it to acknowledge the efforts of women and to let them know that we are immensely thankful for them.
Women’s Day is a day to appreciate and thank the women in our lives
Whether it’s your mother, grandmother or aunt, your sister, your wife or daughter, or any other woman who has become a blessing in your life – or a random woman – they all deserve to be appreciated and to be reminded that without them you could have never been who you are today.
It is said that behind every successful man there is a woman and it is certainly true, because women have the ability to put their needs above their own and support us selflessly.
They help us and support us through life’s challenges on so many stages, they deserve to be appreciated.
The least we can do is to appreciate them for all they do for us, try to understand them and respect them. The women in our lives deserve our utmost respect. We need to show them that their opinion matters to us and respected by us, their shortcomings are understood, and their efforts are appreciated.
Appreciation does not need to come from grand gestures
It is the small things, done with affection and admiration, that mean the most! A kind word, a sweet compliment, a considerate gesture can sometimes go a long way.

Little things such as kind words, compliments, regular encouragement and acknowledgements can mean so much to women. Start giving their opinion importance and appreciate what they do.

It is very easy for us to get caught up in life and ignore the women in our lives who care for us, nurture us and look out for our needs. This can sometimes make them feel uncared for and unimportant.
Like all humans, women need to feel like they matter and that their efforts do not go unnoticed. Praising them from time to time, listening to them and supporting them in their problems, showing affection with a few words of appreciation may mean little to us but can mean the world to them.
At times when words are not enough, a physical presence is needed
A caring touch, a kiss or a warm hug can do wonders. There is something almost magical about hugs, it’s not only a strong bonding tool but is also a soothing and relaxing gesture. Taking a moment just to hug will mean a lot.

When you like a flower you just pluck it, but when you love it and care for it, then you water it every day.

The most precious thing you can give to someone is your time
Women love it when their loved ones give them time, it gives them more joy than any diamonds or pearls could. Dedicating a day or a part of the day to them because they deserve it is a good gesture, but this must not be a one-day ceremony.
Instead, it needs to lay a foundation on which people can start appreciating women on an everyday basis.
To show someone that you care about them, you need to make an effort
Making an effort means spending time with the women in your life: buy flowers for someone and not just because it is her birthday or a special occasion, but because she is special as a person.
The little things to show appreciation matter, because when you like a flower you just pluck it, but when you love it and care for it, then you water it every day.
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