4Elementsmedia is pleased to announce agency appointment by fashion agency Moda Africa. 4Elementsmedia will manage ongoing press and communications in South Africa and also work in close relationship with them in Dubai.
Moda Africa is a fashion agency that introduce and represent fashion designers from across Africa providing them various platforms to showcase and sell their collections in the Middle East.
Moda Africa is passionate about fashion, especially African design. The interest in African style is trending and the fabrics, colours and patterns emerging from the continent are nothing short of breathtaking. This interest also coincides with a fashion movement from indigenous designers who are blazing a trail with collections that reflect both traditional Africa as well as incorporating a more contemporary style.
4Elementsmedia aka 4EM is a South African-based boutique Public Relations firm specializing in a combination of both new media and traditional PR and Event Management for lifestyle brands.
4EM works with leading luxury brands including Clarins, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, River Island and many more.
Instagram:       @ModaAfrica
Facebook:      /ModaAfrica2015

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