Mokgoko Wa Dira

Literally the only personal post on my blog- My Roots

It’s the evening of my 22nd birthday, also Winter Solstice (I’ts about to be a long night) and I just had an interesting discussion with someone about my roots. So I decided to post this. Below is my clan poem which I’ve searched long and hard for. Long story short, now that we have interwebs and that our generation is slowly losing touch with their roots, I thought I should post this so that future generations will be able to google sereto sa ba ga Mokgoko and find it online. Enjoy, Kgabo!
Ke Mokgoko wa dira mokolobotlo wa di Tlou
Motho yo phopolo sethaba ka bodila
Motho yo nonyana boela seleteng sa gaeno marishane.
Ke Mokgoko wa bo Rasenyane
Ke motho yo mpofa dithata ke wa Mokgoko wa dira
Ke tlhame tlhamalela batho ko go Mokgoko wa dira
Na o reng Mokgoko wa lona o bofa o nyemisa.

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