A Ride In The Opel Adam

The Adam is a car made by Opel, a German Manufacturer, and was launched at the 2012 Paris Motor Show and released in South Africa earlier this year. It is a small and compact car designed for navigating dense streets, for parking in congested spaces, the stylish/ fashion forward design and is often known as a ‘city car’.
The Adam is a hatchback, and has won various awards for its small and compact design that manages to fit up to four people comfortably in a small space. Not only from the outside, but the interiors too are well-designed and space is being utilized effectively, which is why it won the Best Interior Design Award at the 2013 Automotive Interiors Show.
Several car-critics came together, and tested hundreds of cars, and the Opel Adam came out on top, winning the award for the best city-car.
I was intrigued by the attention that this car is getting, and so reviewed the top-end model of the Adam, the Glam, and I walked away impressed.
Before we begin, I want to say that the hallmark of the Adam truly lies in the customization. Opel allows you to customize every aspect of the car, on both the interior and exterior. With the given variety of options, you can truly tune it to your tastes, and give it its own unique identity to match your personality and style.  Forget the design, forget the performance, you should buy this car for the customization options, I mean, which other brand does that?
The Opel Adam comes in a three-cylinder Engine Configuration with enough power to make driving enjoyable. Unfortunately, cities are congested, and that means you won’t be running it at high-speeds very often. Given the chance to drive this baby on the highway, it feels like a dream!
Adam has features tailored towards congested roads, such as the ecoFLEX feature that automatically turns off the engine when you come to a standstill, and turns it back on instantly when you need it. This feature comes into its own when you are wading through heavy traffic. Not only is it convenient, but it also makes the Adam more fuel-efficient.
Then comes City Mode, which helps you cruise through city-roads at high-speeds. The car becomes more responsive, so not much effort is required to steer the car.
One of the most useful and my favorite features is the Park Assist, which was so convenient that it almost seemed futuristic. Basically, it helps you find a parking space, and get this, it automatically parks itself, with only minimum input needed from you. And there are sensors at the back that warn you if you are about to hit anything, thus preventing collisions.
These two features really improved my driving experience. I didn’t even know what I was missing till I used the Adam. The feature that notifies you when to change gears and steering adjustments made driving a breeze, and my fuel bills too came down.
Having a capable media-player in your car is just as important as the driving experience. The main thing a good media-player should have is intuitiveness, meaning that navigating it in a hurry should not be difficult. It should also be capable enough to entertain your car’s passengers.
The Adam excels here with its large 7 inch infotainment display that is sharp and vivid. And there’s no shortage of entertainment options, with a USB Port, Bluetooth Support, Aux cord port and more. Everything is pumped through large powerful speakers that are spread around the interior of the car, and it really makes for an immersive experience.
The usual photo viewers and music players are here, but the real highlight is integration with Android and iOS devices. There are many smartphone apps that project onto the infotainment system screen, including BringGo Navigation, Sticher and TuneIn radio. Not only this, but you can also give the infotainment system voice commands if you have an iPhone, since it integrates with Siri.
You can take calls via Bluetooth, and it all comes together seamlessly. You connect your phone, and the infotainment system integrates with it, making driving interactions faster, easier and safer. It proved itself when I was navigating busy roads and got an important call. I was able to do both at the same time.
The Adam has premium upholstery, with seats being made from high-density foam that really supports your back and makes for a comfortable driving experience. Most underestimate the importance of the seat to a good driving experience, but you wouldn’t want to drive with a sore back now, would you? That’s comfort, but how is the design? Well, the seat is trimmed in premium leather, so you can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth.
You can do customize the interiors to your liking with premium materials and classy finishes that really elevate your experience with the car to another level.
The interiors can be lit in a variety of colors, and on the top is a glass roof that makes the interiors livelier. Indeed, the roof can be lit with a variety of LED Lights that can glow in various colors, and it really livens it all up. Or you can also get the option of a panoramic sunroof.
In my opinion, the Adam has got it all covered, and even the leg-space is enough. Of course, it isn’t as much as a large vehicle, but it is still pretty comfortable.
Besides the stunning, petite and fun exterior, I’ve mentioned how customizable it is, and it is worth mentioning again. You can truly change every aspect of the car, including the Colours, Decals, Logo bars, mirror covers, Wheel Rims and more.
You can easily make the car your own. No other car offers so much room for customization, and if you like to make your car stand out, the Adam is the car for you.
Wrapping things up
The Adam is one of the best cars I have come across in a long time, and it truly deserves all the awards it has got. Opel has outdone itself this time, and the sheer amount of customization, the compact design and the intuitive features make the Adam the car to get.
It is available in three engine configurations ( 1.0L and 1.4L) with a 5/6 speed manual gearbox. There are three broad models: The Adam, the Adam Jam and the Adam Glam.
The pricing starts from R189 900- R 232,900. If you are looking to get a car, the Adam is a truly capable choice.
For more info on this awesome car visit http://www.opel.co.za/

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