My Top 13 Useful Tools And Apps For Twitter

Social media applications are majorly the reason for such a big say for the entertainment industry in the cyber area. Social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc have revolutionized the way people communicate with each other. The revolution started from Facebook and was carried forward by twitter, which enabled celebrities and internet tycoons to put their own messages with a personal feel out for the masses. It also allows you (the common man) to see the trending topic in your area or around the world regarding any particular topic. The blue bird app has many other advantages which can be further enhanced by using certain useful tools that incorporate with Twitter and used as a tool in your business development. Some of those useful tools include:

1. Twitter Dashboard

I love this app because it allows me to schedule tweets for a particular time. It is a tool especially designed to help an entrepreneur connect with its clients. Large teams of a business can use this tool effectively to reach out their target audience.

2. Twitter Engage

I recently discovered this app and I love it because it shows me when influencers mention me or when verified accounts interact with me. On a business and personal note, sometimes you need real time analytical data about your followers. It will show you how a particular person or group reacts with certain kinds of tweets.

3. DM cleaner

Since I follow a lot of people, there are auto DMs and spam DM. I use this app because it allows me to delete spam DMs. When you get spammed by other tweeps, you usually miss out on important DMs from friends, family or even business. DM cleaner cleans out your DMs quickly and helps you maintain a clean DM tab.

4. Social Bakers

It is an analytical tool used to analyze statistic accounts of different people on Twitter. This is usually used to analyze the accounts of top users in specific countries, celebrities and your followers giving you an insight on your social standings.

5. Twitter Analytics 

I love watching my twitter account grow. This tool allows you insight on the way your followers react to your tweets. A detail report is generated which includes impressions, clicks, engagements and retweets by your followers. You can also get more details about your followers, their countries, gender, interests, income etc.

6. Periscope 

I love this app because it allows me to take my followers on my journeys such as events I attend, live to their timelines. This app is used for video streaming for your Twitter. You can see as well as broadcast videos using Periscope.

7. TrendsMap

When you need to know what is happening in your area or a specific geo-location, you can use this tool in order to get location wise interest of trending topics. This is used well in business as well as a personal domain.

8. Medium

Want to say something that’s more than 140 characters? Medium is an online publishing platform by Twitter for Twitter users. 

9. Crowdfire

This tool allows you to see which users aren’t following you back. So easily unfollow unfollowers. Also see if some of your followers or the accounts you have been following have been inactive or haven’t engaged with your tweets. 

10. Webfluential

This is my favorite tool because I’ve made thousands of rands through this website. For Twitter users with over 1000 followers- It’s a platform of making money by advertising for brands on social media. For brands- It is a marketing tool that you can use in order to advertise your product though social media platform like twitter through influencers.

11. Font Candy 

It has been proven that tweets with images stand out more. Simple images are too main stream. Create images with the exact dimensions for Twitter, use font candy in order to wrap your images with specially designed texts in order to gain more viewing time by visiting people on your profile or tweets.

12. Twitter Ads

As easy as it sounds; Advertising on Twitter. What’s awesome about this platform is that you pay exactly for the amount of impressions you get. Surely you see promoted tweets and promoted trending topics. You can also use Twitter Ads to upload videos of up to 10 minutes compared to the normal limit of 2 minutes 20 seconds .

 13. Timehop

This is a tool to see tweets or Facebook posts you make on the particular day in previous years. Great way to go down memory lane.

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