Before you invest in “Dikhololo” or “Vacation Management Services” / “The Beekman Group” / “Dikhololo”/ “The Holiday Club” / “iExchange”

Karabo Mokgoko - South African Influencer

Be careful of buying shares in a group of companies trading under the following names, “Vacation Management Services” / “The Beekman Group” / “Dikhololo”/ “The Holiday Club” / “iExchange”

I feel that as a globetrotter, seasoned traveler, public figure and social media influencer it is my responsibility to warn people about brands just as much as I promote them. 

This is not only advice but a warning of what to expect should you consider “investing” in these companies. My experience might save people from probably making the biggest mistake of their lives.

We were invited to buy shares for this holiday resort and were told that they are fast selling and we need to sign quickly if we are interested, we did so and what we were told would be a once off payment of shares and yearly vacations. We were not told the real truth, it was all a lie because we were never told about the yearly levy of R8000+ !

Who would buy holiday shares and pay a levy of R8000 to go on a vacation when that’s the normal going rate for a weekend at a lodge?! Dikholo told us that they have no part in it and that the person that sold shares to us and misled us died and we should contact Vacation Management Services for further complains. VMS says they want proof that the guy didn’t tell us about the levy only then they will believe us. It’s our word against a deceased guy who cannot tell the truth. Because we were rushed to sign the contract and did not look at the fine print because we trusted them, they say since we signed it there’s nothing they can do. At the Dikhololo AGM we met people that were misled like this and told us that no one is taking responsibility, neither Dikhololo or Vacation Management Services. They say the only way we could sell our Time shares is if we do the selling ourselves. And for us not to have a bad credit record we paid the R8000 levy. Shortly after paying the levies, we discovered a company that can buy these shares from us. They offered us R2000 ONLY! After paying more than R50 000 and 8000 levy, you either have to stick with it, find another person who you’ll have to pretty much sell dreams or you are left with Timeshares worth R2000 after a year. I just want to put this out there that please don’t make the same mistake of falling for this as we did, you can pay 8k to book anywhere for a weekend without time shares.

We are in the process of fighting this because there’s a number of us in the same situation. All we want is our money back and can’t take R2000 after paying over R58000 and will continue paying unless we get refunded. This company refuses to buy these from us, another huge red flag that this is going to take a fight, publicly and consumer rights law in action. I hope someone reads this before considering buying.

Please remember to always read contracts before signing,no matter how much you feel like you can trust the other party, they just want to sell and do not have your best interests at heart. You start to see this deceiving is the intention when there are many that complain about the same thing.

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