Bakgatla on #Bophelong: A TV Episode That Taught Me More About My Heritage Than My Family Ever Did

One Friday Evening, Something made me turn on my TV, specifically on SABC 1, at that moment, a show called Bophelong was on, an episode titled “Know Your Heritage” and this episode was about Bakgatla! After spending years of my adult life trying to learn more about my culture it was as though this specific episode was made for me.
There’s an old gentleman who was talking about how parents do not teach their children their language and heritage nowadays, he was spot on! My father hardly knows about his heritage, only basics, this has been frustrating because I’ve always wanted to know more and dig deep within my roots, well, I feel like my ancestors heard my cry for help, and made me tune in this show. Thank you SABC!
If learning about South African heritage is your thing, then enjoy the episode below! Happy Heritage Day South Africa! ??

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