Blogging Can Earn You Big Money: THIS Is How Much Successful Bloggers Make

It is astounding that people have found ways to earn money (and lots of it) from almost anything. Here is a list of successful bloggers and their earnings…
Blogging was not as popular back in the initial years of the 1990s. The popularity started to surge after 1999, and right now blogging has become a strong medium.
Blogs cover various subjects and topics, ranging from fashion, food and philosophy, to sports, stocks and science, and almost anything else you could think of.
People earn lots of money from blogging – in fact some are earning so much from it that blogging is not a part-time occupation for them anymore
Here is a list of successful bloggers and their earnings:

9: Ewdison Then

He is the co-founder and CEO of R3 Media LLC – the media community behind SlashGear. Though Ewdison is considered more of an entrepreneur than a blogger, his contributions to blogging are immense.
SlashGear is all about the new tech gadgets, and his blog is continuously updating – providing the readers with fresh content every day. Most of his income comes from pay-per-click.
He earns $60,000 to $80,000 (about R796 000 to R1 million) per month.

8: Gina Trapani

She is a social woman who talks and writes on self improvement on her famous blog LifeHacker. She shares her various experiences and provides tips to living a better life.
She earns about $100,000 to $110,000 (about R1,3 to R1,5 million) a month.

7: Collis Ta’eed

He is the owner of a famous blog TutsPlus. His blog has lectures, tutorials and almost anything that can help/inform a reader about application software and other site designing tools.
He earns almost $110,000 (about R1,5 million) per month from his blog.

6: Jake Dobkin

His famous blog is responsible for bringing in some serious cash for Jake Dobkin each month. His blog covers genre of events, art and food.
He earns $110,000 to $120,000 (about R1,5 to R1,6 million) per month.

5: Timothy Sykes

This man is your ‘go-to’ guy if you want to earn money fast and securely. His blog TimothySykescomcovers finance, stocks, investments and everything that can assist you in earning good money.
His blog generates revenue of about $150,000 to $180,000 (about R2 to R2,4 million) per month.

4: Vitaly Friedman

He is a founder of Smashing Magazine – a blog that is specifically for developers and web designers. A huge chunk of his income comes from advertising on his blog. It is a perfect blog that gives you effective tips on web design and development.
He earns about $170,000 to $190,000 (about R2,2 to R2,5 million) per month.

3: Mario Lavanderia

His blog Perez Hilton is about entertainment news. Since it covers celebrity news, gossip and scandals – it is a huge hit. All your questions about your favourite celebrity are entertained in his blog.
He earns about $400,000 to $450,000 (about R5,3 to R6 million) per month.

2: Pete Cashmore

This guy is the founder and CEO of a renowned blog Mashable. His blog covers almost everything such as technology, entertainment, lifestyle, social media and business. It is one of the most influential blogs on the Internet. He was merely 19 years old when he created this blog.
He earns a whopping $550,000 to $600,000 (about R7,3 to R8 million) per month.

1: Michael Arrington

If you love reading about technology, then this blog is heaven for you. His blog Techcrunch is a one-stop destination for all the technology news. His blog has about 26 to 28 million visitors per month.
No wonder he earns about $800,000 (about R10,6 million) a month!
Well, this is surely a green light for you to grab this great opportunity to start earning from blogging. Who knows: you might be on this list a few years from now!
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