Endless Jewelry, The World’s Fastest Growing Jewelry Brand, Launches in South Africa

In almost two years Endless Jewelry, the Danish super brand has established itself in the markets of Europe, Asia, Australia and North America and has entered the African market with its official launch in South Africa in November, 2015.
The name Endless conveniently explains the possibilities of the interchangeable and collectable designs, allowing for the creation of custom pieces while offering women a way to personalize their jewellery by mixing and matching classic and modern charms with their choice of colour in a simple yet unique way.
Characterised by a wide range of gorgeous, fashionable, elegant and colourful leather bracelets in three different lengths, complimented by over 600 sterling silver, gold and rose gold plated charms, the range offers endless possibilities to creating personalised accessories, including the glamorous and award-winning Jennifer Lopez Collection that won the Professional Jeweller Collections of the Year award for “Charm and Bead Collection of the Year 2014” in the UK.
The brand ambassador, Jennifer Lopez, is often seen wearing her own Endless designs: “My exclusive collection with Endless Jewelry embraces the attitude of being fun and elegant at the same time. It is about letting each woman express her personality through her jewellery. The collection allows women to celebrate what is unique and beautiful about themselves,” explains Jennifer Lopez.
Liora Katz, CEO of Endless Jewelry SA-also referred to as “Creating Endless Opportunities”  , believes “Endless Jewelry is a way of capturing moments and keeping memories alive, a jewellery journal so to speak, with each charm symbolising a momentous milestone or simply a beautiful moment of impact where the memories are endless”.
The combination of affordable luxury, bright colours and custom designs, has made Endless Jewelry a fashion statement across continents and there is no doubt Africa will follow suit, as women begin to colour their lives with the infinite opportunities of Endless Jewelry.
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