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April 2015 saw the launch of James Bensen Handmade Eyewear, a South African designer company offering prescription glasses online. The locally one-of-a-kind company where consumers are able to buy the latest eyewear trends online, at affordable prices.
James Bensen consider themselves to be a trend-setting company, and therefore their exclusive frames are designed by their own in-house team. Frames are manufactured using high quality acetate and pure titanium, and the company’s single vision, anti-scratch, and anti-reflection lenses are designed in Europe and include UV protection.
“Our research found that the majority of the global eyewear industry is owned by a single company. That’s why we’ve created the James Bensen brand! We wanted to provide consumers with the opportunity to purchase on-trend eyewear at affordable prices. We’re able to do this by being in control of each step of the process, from design and manufacture, to online sales direct to the consumer. We’re very excited about the brand’s launch and look forward to continuing to expand our range of frames, while keeping the same excellent quality and competitive prices,” says Sarish Narrandes, co-founder of James Bensen.
The James Bensen website offers a Virtual Try-On service, as well as style advice and tutorials. Users are able to take or upload a photograph of themselves to the website to view the suitability of their selected frames. A step further from this is the complimentary Home Try-On initiative, where James Bensen will send consumers up to five frames to keep for five days, and try on in the leisure of their own home. They also encourage their customers to post images on social media for friends to view and for the James Bensen stylist to advise on.
“We’re a socially conscious company, and we believe that everyone has the right to sight,” says Sarish Narrandes. “We’re very aware of our duty to give back. So, for every pair of frames that our customers buys, we’ll donate a pair to someone who needs them but wouldn’t otherwise be able to have them.”
James Bensen frames are available exclusively online at www.jamesbensen.com at R995 including single vision lenses.
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