Jet ups the ante as it launches refreshed brand, payoff and new look flagship store

Johannesburg: Value Fashion and homeware brand Jet this month launches its refreshed brand and payoff line with the opening of its new flagship store at the Cresta Mall in northern Johannesburg. The introduction of the retailer’s new look follows extensive research and is aligned with the brand’s revised positioning, ‘Feel Good Fashion for Everyone”. The new store’s highly visual and attractive merchandising manifests the shift in the brand.
“Feel Good Fashion for Everyone signals a change in direction for the brand,” says Jet marketing executive Vaneshree Naidu. “Retail in itself is extremely forward looking and fast changing and fashion retail even more so.  In order to stay relevant and ensure that our brand remains current and aspirational a rebrand was necessary. The rebrand affords our existing customer base something new and exciting from Jet but also welcomes new customers who may not have shopped at Jet in the past to reconsider and add Jet to their store repertoire…”
The rationale behind a bolder, more visual identity coupled with a focus on the quality-price-style equation is expected to grow returns substantially over time as the new look Jet aggressively competes. Says Naidu: “We are confident that we can  offer our customers  unbeatable value – the best products at the best prices and at the best quality. Our boldness is also influenced by our new positioning “Feel good fashion for everyone”. As South Africans we love retail therapy and in the current economic times with high unemployment and job losses this ‘past time’ so to speak becomes a nice to do. In light of this “feel good fashion for everyone” positioning allows Jet to provide all our customers guilt-free shopping because they don’t have to pay a fortune to get on-trend fashion. Jet brings this to them and even better is the price tag!  This is the sentiment of our tag-line.”
“The Jet brand identity was developed in-line with current market trends, but also bring through Jet’s unique stamp that is instantly recognisable. We have modernised the brand but kept certain key elements that makes us uniquely Jet. This is an outward expression of our brand evolution and ensuring we always relevant and top of mind for all our customers”
Naidu is upbeat about the brand’s future prospects. “With this new and positive change we are confident that Jet will remain top of mind. More and more customers across the board are shopping around and are looking for value for money and for value fashion. This is not only customers with limited incomes. Competition is tough but the market is growing, which gives a unique opportunity for established value retailers to reposition themselves and tap into an ever growing customer base. Due to the current economic environment customers want good quality, affordable– on trend value fashion.”
Rebrands have historically created greater market differentiation, accessibility, relevance and vitality with more effective communication of the brand promise, personality and emotional connectivity. “In a market segment that has seen competitive behaviour intensify over the last decade, brand iconography has become critically important to ongoing growth, market share and share of voice,” says Naidu. “A renewed focus on customer relationship management has also been on the cards and, suggests Naidu, a key element in the refreshed value proposition of the Jet brand.
“The rebrand and updated store design is a public expression of where the Jet brand is heading,” says Naidu. The retail sector operates in a market with complex product portfolios, fragmented audiences and a plethora of promotional clutter. “The new-look store and bold identity is expected to prove effective in creating greater impact in a busy marketplace; where brand and bottom line growth is our ultimate objective.”
The new Jet store in Cresta Mall is open for trading but will officially launch to everyone on 27 August 2015.

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