Mobile typing is faster and more spacious with Zagg keyboards now in South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa. August 2015 – Sophisticated, sleek and functional Zagg keyboards for iPads and tablets are now within reach thanks to Gammatek, a leading distributor of branded technology accessories in South Africa.
The company has just introduced the Zagg range of folios and keyboards to its bevy of smart mobile device accessories.
“Zagg keyboards turn iPads and tablets into productive business and networking devices, making it easier and more convenient for people to type, send emails and do their work on the go,” says Zev Cherniak from Gammatek.
Amongst the Zagg products now available in South Africa is the Zagg Folio the iPad Mini and iPad Air 2. The Zagg Folio is a super thin, protective, wireless and Bluetooth enabled keyboard. Its unique hinge holds the screen firmly in place at virtually any angle while spacious keys make it easy to type faster and more accurately. It features a powerful battery that keeps the folio going for up to three months between charging.  The Zagg Folio hinged keyboard cases come in two variations: with and without backlight.
Key features:

  • Multi-angled – The unique hinge offers 1350 of viewing angles, just like a laptop.
  • Ultra-thin – At a mere 6.9mm, the folio is one of the thinnest keyboards available.
  • Protective – A leather textured cover protects the iPad and keyboard, and looks good at the same time.
  • Spacious – Designed to deliver up to 30% more typing space than most tablet keyboards, the Zagg Folio offers increased comfort and efficiency.

Another super iPad keyboard solution for people on the move is the Zagg Slim Book Keyboard for iPad Mini and iPad Air 2. The Slim Book is a detachable wireless and Bluetooth enabled keyboard which holds the screen at a range of angles and allows for four different modes: keyboard mode, video mode, book mode and case mode. The Slim Book is powered by one of the world’s most powerful batteries to keep it going for up to two years between charges.
Key features:

  • Multi-angled – The unique hinge offers 1350 of viewing angles, just like a laptop.
  • Ultra thin –The Slim Book is easy to carry around with you wherever you go.
  • Bright – Backlit, island-style keys maximise space for faster, more natural typing even in low-light conditions.

For smartphone users and users of small tablets (up to eight inches) there is the Zagg Universal Pocket Keyboard. A clever, foldable wireless, Bluetooth enabled keyboard and stand, the Zagg Universal Pocket can be used with a variety ofmobile devices. It is the easiest on-the-go solution to smartphone typing. Delivering over 85%of the size of a desktop keyboard, the Pocket enables fast, efficient typing and then folds up into a compact, protective, travel-size case that easily fits into pockets and purses. Unlike other folding keyboards, the Pocket folds between lines of keys to preserve comfortable key spacing.
Key features:

  • Natural and spacious – Offers over 85% of the typing space of a desktop keyboard.
  • Portable – Its unique foldable design allows the Pocket keyboard to compress into a simple, compact size so that it can easily slide into pockets and purses.
  • Smart – Magnets keep the Pocket folded neatly and help maintain battery life by automatically turning it off when closed.
  • Convenient – A built-in stand secures smartphones and small tablets at an ideal viewing angle for simple and convenient use anywhere.

These must-have Zagg keyboards are available at leading retail outlets. For information on your nearest stockist please contact Gammatek on 011-201 0800.

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