MTN SA Foundation empowers centre for disable people with information and communication technology tools

Upington 6
As part of its strategic focus in working with government and civil society organisations to help advance the standard and quality of education in previously disadvantaged communities, MTN SA Foundation today donated a computer laboratory for children and elderly persons with physical and mental disabilities of the Oasis Skills Development Centre in Kalahari town, Upington, Northern Cape Province.
The centre received a computer laboratory with 24 months free access to the internet. This boasts hardware and software for people with special needs. The older persons will be able to make use of the laboratory to acquire basic ICT skills.
MTN SA Foundation, General Manager, Kusile Hairwadzi-Mtunzi said: “At MTN SA Foundation we believe passionately in finding ICT solution that can help empower communities. We also like to partner with those who are on the journey to finding solution that can help benefit society – Oasis Skills Development centre embodies this. The centre is a haven to many in the community members and their ethos of skilling learners is commendable.”
“The centre not only levels the playing field for learners with special needs that often don’t have access to the same quality of ICT tools, but it also ensures that communities have access to ICT and the Internet connectivity, and this is especially exciting for us.
“Investing in a centre that fulfils so many functions such as, basic academic education, stimulation and skills transfer through income-generating projects by providing assistance, support, training and guidance for children, youth and adults with multiple disabilities, is a worthwhile partnership because the benefits are immediately apparent to the educators, learners and community at large,” she said.
Upington 7

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