How The Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust Dealt With Student’s Racist Attack

Surely we’ve all seen the video of the two ladies making racist comments on video one of their cellphone was stolen (if you haven’t, that’s a good thing, I won’t post it on here because- positive vibes only). After it started trending on social media people revealed that she was a student at The University of Pretoria, and later on, also a beneficiary of the CRET. Well, they released a statement and I commend them for dealing with this so swiftly. South Africa is no place for racists! Have a look at the press statement below: 
“The Cyril Ramaphosa Education Trust (CRET) is aware of an offensive video of one of its students circulating on social media platforms.
CRF and CRET condemn the abhorrent behaviour displayed in the video and has rescinded the student’s bursary with immediate effect.
The CRET bursary programme has prided itself on its non-racial, non-discriminatory approach to supporting disadvantaged students across all races.
In 2017 CRET supported a total of 66 students, with students coming from all provinces. Of the 66 students, 64 are black and 2 white.
These students form part of the CRET family that is encouraged to rise above their circumstances, to become inspirational leaders and to give back to those less fortunate.
We are devastated to learn that one of our own family members has disappointed us to such a degree particularly at a time when South Africa needs to be embracing its diversity.
We will support any further action taken against this student, pending the outcome of a disciplinary inquiry by the University of Pretoria.”

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