#TalentTuesdaySA: 1 – Up Close with photographer, Adrian Phipps.

“Photography is the universal language spoken by all”, the profoundness of this statement should never be trivialised as we are inherently visual creatures, shaping our realities through the things we see, leaving us changed forever.
Buenos dias amigos, I’m Adrian, being a Linux engineer is what pays the bills but what really invigorates me is photography, the art of writing with light. During my recent backpacking trip through Peru and Bolivia I was pleasantly overwhelmed by the sights of the local Andean cultures, their art, their indigenous fashion and the undulating peaks and troughs of these mountain countries. As one of a few South Africans traveling in South America I had this undying urge to share these sights with my friends and family back home and so the seed to pick up the camera was sown. As soon as I returned to South Africa I bought myself an entry level DSLR and started shooting away, researching techniques and base skills needed to visually recreate images I’d seen and portray them to viewers hopefully leaving them moved and touching their emotions.
I’ve only been plying my craft for under 3 months as the technical aspects, such as ISO, aperture and shutter speed are best learned in the field. Composition and making your photographs interesting are either innate but could also be honed by continuous shooting, as they say “Repetition is the father of learning”.
The greatest revelation I had while overseas was that as South Africans we do not appreciate how magnificently beautiful our country is and this has inspired me to produce images of our country, in particular Cape Town, showing the people of our nation the artistry and magnificence that is sometimes forgotten.  Through my work I would also like to serve as motivation for anybody contemplating creating art themselves be it in the form of photography, painting, singing, dancing whatever, we need to start creating culture and not consuming it.
If you like these images please stay tuned on my social media pages where I will continue to post photographs that will hopefully make your eyes smile.
Bless #TalentTuesdaySA
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A 3 or 4 shot panoramic of the Mother City as she wakes up to greet a new day, such beauty on our door step.
This is a long exposure shot of the waterfall out at Silvermine, Cape Town, just after some showers.
In the spirit Ubuntu, this is Prudence from Phumlani, where I volunteer my services on a Sunday to do a soup kitchen, she is usually one of our first customers of the day. Check out the tutu yo!
The quintessential photo of our very own Wonder of the World, Table Mountain. Taken at sunset from Milnerton Lagoon, this is a 3 exposure HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo. One of my first attempts

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