TeeChip – The Ultimate Online Platform For Selling Custom Merchandise

Internet is one hot market for selling your brand and you can make good money selling custom merchandise on smart online platforms.  While most online selling portals are focused on selling multiple products, there are some platforms and sites that allow more focused approach by allowing specific items for sale. One such great site is Tee chip.  The amazing site is a dream destination for the sellers seeking a platform to market their products by producing original campaigns selling custom printed t-shirts, drinkware, phone cases, posters and much more.
Here are splendid features of that site that distinguishes it:

  • The site is an ideal platform for any individual or business who is desirous to design custom printed t-shirts and other products for a niche market and sell them at a profitable price. All you need as a smart seller is a little flare for creativity and you are good to go with starting your own t-shirt campaign on Tee chip.
  • It is as simple as it can get. You just need to reach the site and follow these steps:
    • Select a design of your choice that you want to sell. A powerful software helps you in designing custom concepts. It is suggested to select catchier designs to attract more attention.
    • You can choose from multiple products (t-shirts, phone cases, hoodies and mugs) and set the price range as per your budget.
    • You are all set to launch your campaign thereafter. You would have a campaign URL that can be shared with your friends, family and campaign support.
    • For every item sold through your custom campaign, you earn healthy profit depending upon the volume of sales you generate (any number is applicable).
    • The site would be responsible for the whole operation from printing to packing and shipping the product to your buyers.
  • The profit sharing feature of the site is extremely transparent and visible to the seller through a calculator available on site.
  • The sellers have an additional edge of getting to know the purchasing patterns of their buyers through on site advanced stat collection system.
  • The seller is kept in complete picture of the profit sharing with intimation of profit made on every sale made.
  • An online email system provides updates to the sellers even after the expiry of their personal campaigns to keep them abreast with the latest campaigns on site.
  • Tee chip helps sellers in marketing drive by offering 3rd party customer and sales tracking systems like facebook conversion pixels and Google analytics.
  • Excellent customer care ensures seamless and 24/7 assistance to sellers and their customers to handle any issues that may arise during the campaign or even after.
  • The site has an awesome quality assurance mechanism in place. For any issues or flawed product, the site offers free reprinting, delivery and replacement for complete customer satisfaction.
  • The site is ideal for NGOs that seek to spread the word about their mission and objectives through target message printed products.

For more information on the subject, please log on to http://www.teechipcares.com/
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