Trigger Street Productions Launch the Fifth Year of Jameson First Shot Film Competition With This Year’s Actor Maggie Gyllenhaal

Now in its fifth year, the Jameson First Shot film competition is back. Together with Kevin Spacey and Trigger Street Productions, Jameson is once again on the hunt for the globe’s most gifted, undiscovered filmmakers with compelling stories to tell. Three talented winners will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn their scripts into short films starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, and have them premiered in LA, with the acclaimed cast and crew in attendance.
The competition is all about giving talented filmmakers a break – a first shot at the industry. It asks aspiring filmmakers to be fearless; to write about what matters to them, tell the stories that they want to tell and, ultimately, make the film they want to make. It’s looking for undiscovered filmmakers with big ideas and an insatiable desire to create.
Kevin Spacey knows how difficult it can be to break into the film industry. Having succeeded himself, he feels it is important to “send the elevator back down,” as his mentor Jack Lemmon once told him. “It’s not about where someone is, it’s about where they might get to in 10 years if they’re encouraged, nurtured and guided,” said Spacey.
World-class producer, Dana Brunetti, who will be making the shorts alongside the winners, sees the competition as giving filmmakers outside of Hollywood a chance to shine: “We’ve opened up the competition to countries across the world; more countries means more gifted people. Hollywood doesn’t have a monopoly on talent and we want to see what the world has to offer,” said Brunetti
MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL will play the lead in this year’s three winning films. She’s known for her fearless film choices, from Donnie Darko to Dark Knight.  Her Oscar nomination for “Best Supporting Actress” in Crazy Heart and her Golden Globe film nominations for her leading roles in Secretary and Sherrybaby exemplify her talent and versatility as an actress. She has graced the stage in productions including Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters, and most recently made her Broadway debut in The Real Thing. For her most recent tour de force as Nessa Stein in The Honourable Woman she won a Golden Globe Award, a SAG Award nomination, and is currently nominated for an Emmy Award.
So what does Maggie look for in a script? The actor recommends taking a new angle: “An observation that we haven’t seen, that’s real,  that people relate to, that’s complicated – as we all are.”
To aspiring filmmakers thinking of entering, Maggie recommends “putting a little bit of your actual self into what you’re doing – good art takes vulnerability.”
For its fifth year, Jameson is expanding its catchment area to give more undiscovered talent the chance to enter their work. Entrants living in the following countries are all eligible: UK, Ireland, India, Australia, Canada, SA, Bulgaria, Kenya, Russia and the US.
The competition is open to entries on 15th of October and the rules, including length and theme, can be found at

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